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Quill And Ink Wax Stamp Set - Feather Pen Antique, Wax Stamp, Wax, Candle, Spoon, Letter Opener, Dip Pen Stand, Nibs & Ink Well In Gift Box

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FEATHER PEN SET is our finest quill kit. Dip pen set has a perfect feather quill for writing. Calligraphy quill pen is made with metal alloy making it durable and rust free.

QUILL AND INK SET Includes large feather quill, 1 wax seal stamp, 3 sealing wax sticks, 6 Calligraphy nibs, 1 antique spoon, 1 candle, 1 Antique Pen holder, 1 letter opener, black ink wells in a gift box. Calligraphy set for beginners is not only great for writing but also a perfect antique desk decor.

WAX SEAL STAMP KIT Our wax seal stamp is made of high quality brass handle and comes with 3 sealing wax sticks. Wax Seal Kit also includes a candle and a spoon to melt the wax as well as a letter opener making it a complete wax stamp kit. It is ideal for decorating, sealing invitations, envelopes, postcards, gifts etc

PERFECT GIFT PEN SET Unique engraved ink pen set has a vintage look and makes a perfect pen gift set for both adults and kids for many occasions such as birthday gift, anniversary gift, valentines day gift, mother's day gift, father's day gift etc

TRUSTELA BRAND FEATHER PEN AND WAX SEAL KIT for young and old comes 100% customer satisfaction. We guarantee, you will love this quill and ink set as this is a perfect antique fashion decor.

Thanks for your interest in purchasing our antique calligraphy feather quill dip pen set.
Package includes: 1 Black feather pen made with metal and engraved, 1 wax seal stamp, 3 sealing wax sticks, 1 antique spoon, 1 candle, 1 letter opener, 6 nibs, 1 metallic engraved pen stand, 1 ink well, and 1 gift box.

Note: The ink is not a permanent ink.

Our calligraphy nibs come with protective oils on them to ensure they reach you in the best condition possible. Please follow the instructions below before using the calligraphy nibs.
1. Please remove the nib already installed in the quil pen by gently pulling it out.
2. Dip a soft toothbrush in water to moisten it.
3. Squeeze a little bit of toothpaste/dish detergent onto the brush.
4. Scrub the brush on nib for about 30 seconds.
5. Once finished scrubbing, drop the nib in water for a few seconds to get the toothpaste/dish detergent off.
6. Fish the nib out of the water and wipe it dry with cloth or paper towel.
7. Push the nib in the pen, dip it in the ink about half way through and enjoy a magnificent writing with your new calligraphy pen!
8. After use, please wipe the nib clean so it works great in the next use as well.

We are sure you will love our Calligraphy Pen with Wax Seal Stamp Kit.