What are calligraphy pens?

Calligraphy definitely sounds fun and interesting but there is a lot that goes behind to make it work. There are different types of Calligraphy pens and for different purposes. Calligraphy is a beautiful art and style of writing and requires special pens for the special design.

This beautiful way of writing is found on cards, invitations diaries, decoration, and sometimes on monuments and scriptures too. There are a few things that are essential to keep in mind when it comes to learning or writing in Calligraphy. What you do need to know about Calligraphy is

  • To use correct tools and materials while writing in Calligraphy.
  • Right technique of holding and using the Calligraphy pens.
  • Basic knowledge about style.
  • Knowing and using the right pen.
  • Forming strokes, symbols, alphabets and numbers.
  • Using and knowing about the importance of Pen holder.

These are just a few basic points to follow when you are learning or starting to use calligraphy. This style has techniques that can form beautiful artistic visuals if done correctly. Apart from this, there are different types of Calligraphy pens available but it is very important to use the Professional Calligraphy Pens and the correct Calligraphy pen set.


The basic types of calligraphy pens are :-

  1. Dip Pen
  2. Fountain Pen
  3. Broad -edged Calligraphy pens
  4. Parallel pens.
  5. Brush Pens
  6. nib Calligraphy pens
  7. Feather quill

These are the broad categories of Calligraphy pens. The Calligraphy pen price will vary depending upon your requirement and the quality of the pen. It might seem easy to choose a Calligraphy pen, but to be honest it is not that easy. It is not as simple as it appears to be. It is important to know the pens , the purpose and to be comfortable using it. It is equally important to know and understand the material, the importance of pen holder and to choose a calligraphy pen which is best suited for you. Even though all pens look similar , but each pen has a different purpose and the ink and the nib makes a lot of difference.


There are various important parameters that make a difference in Calligraphy. You need to be mindful and careful and should also keep a few factors into consideration.

Ink- The ink that you choose is a deciding factor that affects the outcome . The color, price, and the waterproof feature are few points that should be considered while choosing the ink for the calligraphy pen. You can either use a dip pen or a fountain pen for Calligraphy. Beginners usually go for dip pen for comfort.

Nib and Pen holder- Pen holder is a critical part , and is made in various sizes and of different materials like wood, ivory, plastic, bone, etc. They come in different price range but high price does not guaranty comfort. They are available in different colors too.

The structure of each nib is different and hence the result. For example, beginners should work with bigger nibs. The Nibs can be removed easily from the pen and you do not need to discard the pen.  Although, some nibs are specifically used for a certain pen, and you can not use any other nib for the particular pen.

Paper – Paper that you use and write on for Calligraphy is an important material. The paper you are working on should neither be too slippery as it will create hindrance in forming a grip nor it should be too rough as it can break the nib. #32 Laser jet is actually a good option.

Pens and Pen sets-  Comfort , grip and ease of use matters a lot. There are so many different styles of calligraphy pens suitable for different purposes. For example, Parallel pens which are fountain pens are easy to use. Pilot parallel pen is great for beginners.

Broad edged calligraphy pens are perfect for Italic Calligraphy, Roman, Uncial, Gothic calligraphy and Foundational hand .

You should also remember to clean the fountain pen while changing the cartridge for better functioning and quality of the pen.


There are a few Calligraphy pens that are better than the rest and stand apart in terms of quality and comfort. Below is the list of some of the finest Calligraphy pens available on our website:

Quill And Ink Wax Stamp Set

FEATHER PEN SET is our finest quill kit. Dip pen set has a perfect feather quill for writing. Calligraphy quill pen is made with metal alloy making it durable and rust free.

Trustela's Quill And Ink Wax Stamp Set

QUILL AND INK SET Includes large feather quill, 1 Wooden Pen, 1 wax seal stamp which can also be used as a pen holder, 1 sealing wax stick, 6 Calligraphy nibs, 1 spoon, black ink wells in a gift box. Calligraphy set for beginners is not only great for writing but also a perfect antique desk decor.

Trustela’s Calligraphy Dip Pen Set For Beginners

Calligraphy dip pen set is made with love by our finest craftsmen. Fancy pen set is a perfect calligraphy pens set for beginners. It has 3 nib pen, 4 15ml dip pen ink, calligraphy pen holder, 20 calligraphy nib. We are sure you will love this calligraphy set. Calligraphy kit has three different calligraphy pens. Three dip pens are a brown calligraphy pen, a black pen and a golden pen. 

Trustela’s Black Feather Ink & Pen set

Quill pen ink set is made with love by our finest craftsmen. Fancy dip pen set has perfect calligraphy pen for beginners. You will love this Calligraphy Dip Pen set. Quill Pen Feather Pen Set Includes: 1 feather pen, 18 Calligraphy nibs, 1 engraved metal pen stand, 1 ink bottle & 1 gift box. Quill And Ink Set come with everything you need in a Calligraphy set for beginners.


Trustela is a leading company based out of Florida, the  USA that sells calligraphy pen sets, Professional calligraphy pens, Calligraphy pens for beginners, and all types of calligraphy-related products online. If you want the best calligraphy pen, you will definitely find it on this website. There is a calligraphy pen available for every requirement and every budget on this platform.




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