How to do Calligraphy with a pen?

How to do Calligraphy with a pen?

Beautiful writings are always an absolute treat to the eyes while flipping the pages of a magazine, or book or when your friend shows his newly embedded tattoo, these writings are better to be called art one of the most popular of them is “Calligraphy” and sometimes this treat to eyes develops a desire to learn this beautiful art.

But the very first question that comes to mind is, How?

What are the steps to be chosen to learn calligraphy by beginners?

Well, there may be the following few steps which should be taken care of :

Understand the basic requirements:

Before initiating the actual learning process, it becomes the prime responsibility to get complete knowledge of the basic necessities to learn calligraphy. Such as:

Kinds of pen used in calligraphy

There are several types of pens which are specially designed for calligraphy. Such As

  • Dip Pen
  • Fountain Pen
  • Broad - edged Calligraphy pens
  • Parallel pens.
  • Brush Pens
  • Nib Calligraphy pens
  • Feather quill

These different pens are used in different calligraphy styles and techniques which is an important induction step for beginners to learn calligraphy. Also, their prices too vary on their kinds. It is a difficult task to have foolproof knowledge of Calligraphy pens but as mentioned it is a crucial step. It becomes important to know the purpose of each pen and to understand which one suits you the most or which you feel most creative and comfortable using.

Which ink to be used in calligraphy

Ink is an important element in writing after all it is the first thing to impact your worksheet. The Color, nature of ink and also the pricing of the ink become very important in ensuring its quality. It is important thing to remember that the ink you are choosing is not giving clogs on the paper and is not too flowy.

What kind of paper should be preferred

Paper is also an important material for calligraphy as it is the workspace for calligraphy artists and ensuring good quality of it is the key element in learning as well as in practicing. Always remember that paper should neither be very smooth that it makes the nib slip on it nor it should be too rough that will break the nib. We sell high quality Calligraphy paper preferred by many professional Calligraphy artists.


Possession of a nib or pen holder

A nib or a pen holder may look like small objects but hold great importance. They vary in size as per the requirement also the material varies too. They are made of wood, plastic or ivory as per the choice and the pen type. As per the size and material prices of nib holders vary too.


          Since the different structure of the nib gives result likewise, it becomes important to choose the correct nib for beginners. It is suggested for beginners to use nibs of bigger sizes for ease in the Calligraphy learning process.


The above things work as deciding factors on how one will go about the learning journey. If they are perceived and exercised rightly then the whole learning process will be easy and interesting, if not then some changes in choices will have to be made.


Pick the most suitable Pen set:


There are plenty of pens available in the stores but choosing the most appropriate one as per an individual’s choice and not getting trapped in any marketing gimmick is the key factor in learning Calligraphy since the pen is the most important element in the learning process. Here is a brief list of pen sets that Trustela can help you with for Calligraphy which may help beginners:


Trustela’s Wooden Calligraphy Pen Set for Beginners:


Trustela’s wooden pen kit possesses a which have erected nib and black wooden calligraphy oblique pen. For beginners, the wooden pen kit comes with 19 separate nibs for different writing styles and techniques, 18ml dip pen black ink and a golden nib holder. It is sustainable and provides a good grip for beginners to learn easily.


Trustela’s Feather Calligraphy pen set for beginners;

Our feather calligraphy dip pen kit is an authentic dip pen kit of lavish quality. Which provides a good grip and comes with a high-quality manuscript holder. Thus pen nib holder is made up of good quality wooden material. This nib holder contains a good amount of ink which helps in providing a clog-free writing experience.

Trustela ‘s Quill Pen Set:

Trustela’s Quill Pen and Ink Set are manufactured by our craftsman with utmost precision to provide our customers with a better experience. It comprises a large feather quill, 1 wooden pen, 1 wax seal Stamp which can also be utilised as a pen holder, 1 sealing wax stick, 6 Calligraphy nibs and a gift box containing Black Ink Well. The calligraphy set is not just a convenient set for beginners but can also be used as decor material for your table.

About Us

Trustela is a leading brand based in Florida, The USA which deals with products related to Calligraphy. Our Product range broadly includes different product such as various Calligraphy Pen sets, Professional Calligraphy Pen Sets, Calligraphy Pen Set for beginners and all types of Calligraphy products such as ink etc. Trustela promises its customers to provide the best and premium calligraphy-related products online that too in highly competitive price to ensure its customer’s faith and ease at the same time.


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